About Noble Life Sciences


Our mission is to assist our clients in conducting exceptional-quality research to advance human health by providing them comprehensive testing solutions.

Founded by accomplished industry scientists

Noble offers everything needed to run a successful preclinical study:

24,000 square feet fully-equipped facility

AAALAC accredited small and large animal facility

Full continuum of GLP and non-GLP services

Spectrum of in vitro and in vivo services

Customer Satisfaction

Noble prides itself on customer satisfaction. Our unparalleled responsiveness and “quick action” approach provides our customers with a positive experience and measurable results. We are driven to provide high quality, flexible, customized and cost-effective research and development solutions to our clients.

Key values

We believe you should expect the best from your contract research services partner, and that is exactly what we seek to achieve in six key areas.


Quality is at the core of every decision we make. As scientists and former CRO customers, we understand it is critical for us to offer only the highest-quality staff, facilities, oversight, compliance and results. We are committed to delivering on that promise every day.


We know how frustrating it is to get blocked by limitations in lab space and staffing when there are constantly changing variables affecting R&D needs. That’s why we are committed to offering flexible space, staffing, and support, making it easier and faster to advance your research.


Members of our management team are among the foremost leaders in biomarker research in the U.S., which means we can help guide you in best practices in the field and offer a level of highly specialized services that are not widely available in the market.


Because we are scientists ourselves, we understand the goals that are driving your experiments. At Noble, we are committed to advancing your R&D program to ensure you receive meaningful results, not more questions.


We are committed to build a positive, diverse, and inclusive workplace where each person is valued and feels motivated to contribute their best.


We focus on collaboration within and across the teams to drive innovation and success.

Our Differentiators

Scientific Leadership

Scientific Leadership

  • Partnership in co-developing new and custom models and assays
  • Multiple, unique models with various species


Flexible, Customized, Cost-effective R&D

Flexible, Customized, Cost-effective R&D

  • Unparalleled responsiveness
  • Quick turnaround time for industry standard models

Who We Serve

Early-Stage Companies

Big Corporations


Research Institutes

Meet our leaders who are committed to scientific excellence

Resources & White Papers


Mouse Peritonitis/Sepsis Model of MRSA Infection

Mouse Peritonitis/Sepsis Model of MRSA Infection

Noble Life Sciences, in collaboration with ImQuest Biosciences, has optimized the peritonitis/sepsis mouse model to screen for new antibacterial agents against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). The model’s popularity derives from its ease of use with small and expensive animals, short-duration experiments with reproducible infections, and simple end-points.

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