For over 30 years, Noble Life Sciences has supplied the research community with GLP and non-GLP custom polyclonal antibody services using a variety of animal species including mouse, rat, rabbit, guinea pig, ferret, sheep and goat. Client-specific protocols have been used as well as Noble-developed standard immunization protocols. Peptide conjugation, antibody titer analysis via ELISA, and antibody purification from serum are available. Peptide sequence analysis and synthesis are also available. Further extension of custom polyclonal services includes performing immunogenicity and efficacy studies in rats, mice and rabbits for large and small pharmaceutical companies. Click here for an overview of our custom polyclonal  antibodies services.

Standard Protocol

Day 0 Pre-immunization bleed
Primary immunization
Day 21 Immunogen boost
Day 42 Immunogen boost
Day 52 Standard bleed*
Day 63 Immunogen boost
Day 73 Standard bleed or exsanguination

Fast Protocol

Day 0 Pre-immunization bleed
Primary immunization
Day 21 Immunogen boost
Day 31 Standard bleed*
Day 43 Immunogen boost
Day 52 Standard bleed or exsanguination


Noble can accept antigen for immunization in any form including, but not limited to, in solution, as a precipitate, as a cell suspension, as a band in acrylamide gel, or as a blot on nitrocellulose. Freund’s Complete Adjuvant is used for the initial injection and Freund’s Incomplete Adjuvant is used for subsequent injections. Other adjuvants are available.

Approximate Serum Volume by Species (ml)

Procedure Rabbit Guinea Pig, Ferret & Rat Mouse Sheep & Goat
Test bleed 2 0.5 0.15 15
Pre-bleed 4.5 1 0.15 50
Standard bleed 15 1.5 0.2 300
Exsanguination 50 6 0.3 900
Plasmapheresis 1500


Minimum Antigen Requirements

Standard protocol (total per animal or 5 mice) 750 mcg
Fast protocol (total per animal or 5 mice) 500 mcg
Protocol extension (total per animal or 5 mice) 250 mcg
ELISA (up to 6 samples) 20 mcg
Western blot (up to 6 samples) 20 mcg


The following options are available for tailoring your protocol:

  • GLP and non-GLP
  • Background screening
  • Antibody purification: affinity or protein A/G
  • Serum filtration
  • Western blot
  • Peptide sequence prediction,synthesis and congugation
  • Monthly extensions


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GLP Antibody Production

Our GLP custom polyclonal antibodies are ideal for evaluating the potency, identity, and purity of biologics. Click here for an overview of our custom polyclonal antibodies services.

Proven Expertise

We have experience with a variety of mammalian species used for vaccine and drug development. Our studies range from single digit to hundreds of animals.

Our scientists, with over 15 years of GLP experience, provide all aspects of the GLP process from design to regulatory support of your IND, IDE or PMA FDA submission.