Medical Devices

Drug Delivery

Launch your innovation using Noble’s integrated systems for drug delivery product development. With our unwavering quality standards, our process provides excellent results to meet your desired outcome.

With our cardiovascular training methods, Noble Life Sciences brings comprehensive expertise to the development of these tests. Our medical device division provides surgical expertise and supports utilizing state of the art equipment to better our understanding of cardiovascular disease and injury.

Advancing devices that safely deliver medicines to patients

A beneficial drug delivery product starts at conception. We work together with you to understand your specific needs and develop testing strategies that comply with the regulations of the planned market.

Our Team Can Help

Our team of senior scientists have the experience you need to accelerate your preclinical research

Simplify the development of your device technology with our services and trained professionals. We’re ready to get started.

Ali Mohammadabadi, Ph.D.

Ali Mohammadabadi, Ph.D.

Study Director

Ivan Tatarov, D.V.M.

Ivan Tatarov, D.V.M.

Clinical Veterinarian

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