Gaithersburg, MD; April 22, 2014 – Noble Life Sciences (Gaithersburg, MD) and IBT Bioservices (Gaithersburg, MD) announce a newly optimized cotton rat model for preclinical studies of influenza therapies and vaccines. The companies jointly developed the model of influenza infection in the cotton rat.   

Cotton rats are a vital tool to study influenza infection because adaptation of human influenza strains is not required for virus replication in the respiratory tract.  Moreover, virus infection results in histopathological lesions in the lungs that are similar to those seen during natural infection of humans. 

Alain Cappeluti, President of Noble Life Sciences, noted, “The optimization of our influenza cotton rat model is the result of a collaborative effort combining the in vivo model expertise of Noble Life Sciences with the vaccine development and virology expertise of IBT Bioservices. We are excited to add this important model along with our cotton rat RSV model to our infectious disease services.”  

“We are pleased with our collaboration with Noble Life Sciences in the optimization of this model. Although vaccines and antiviral agents are effective in the prophylaxis and treatment of the disease, each year changes in the influenza virus surface proteins require the development of new vaccines and the emergence of drug-resistant strains necessitates the search for new antiviral agents.  The cotton rat model of influenza infection will facilitate the development of such vaccines and therapeutics”, commented Dr. Javad Aman, President and CSO of IBT Bioservices. 

About Noble Life Sciences

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IBT Bioservices is a collaborative research organization offering R&D services to identify and develop vaccines and therapeutics for infectious diseases. As experts in the field of infectious diseases and biowarfare countermeasures, IBT Bioservices has worked with large and small clients to screen their anti-infective compounds using in vitro screening assays and in vivo disease models. IBT Bioservices focuses on the core functions of early R&D for vaccines and therapeutics development including: initialin vitro and in vivo screening, animal model development, assay development, and immunogenicity and serology testing. For more information on IBT Bioservices, visit