Noble Life Sciences Receives Renewed Accreditation from AAALAC International for Continued Commitment to Ethical Animal Research

Sykesville, Maryland – June 20, 2023

Noble Life Sciences, a leading contract research organization in Maryland, is proud to announce that it has received renewed accreditation from the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC) International. This recognition validates Noble’s responsible treatment of animals in its research, solidifying it as a top-tier organization serving the biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, and pharmaceutical industries.

As the AAALAC is the foremost authority in accrediting animal care and use programs for research, testing, and teaching worldwide, accreditation from AAALAC International is a significant achievement. With its rigorous evaluation process and commitment to ensuring ethical treatment of animals, AAALAC has become the trusted accreditation agency for professionals across the globe.

“We are thrilled to have received full accreditation again from AAALAC and are proud of our veterinarians and technicians for their commitment to maintaining a high-quality program of laboratory animal care at Noble,” said Robyn Shaw, Associate Director of Operations at Noble Life Sciences. “This recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication that our team puts into ensuring that our animals receive the best possible care; we continue to strive for excellence in this area.”

To achieve this accreditation, organizations must receive an internal review of their animal care and use policies from the AAALAC. The latest site visit to Noble Life Sciences’ Sykesville Maryland BSL-2 location resulted in an exceptional report from the AAALAC team, who commended the facility’s excellent laboratory animal care and use.

The report took multiple achievements into account, such as the commendable performance of Noble Life Sciences’ dedicated animal care and veterinary staff, the positive relationships fostered among animal care staff, veterinary personnel, and research teams, and the effective training programs provided for all individuals involved in conducting experiments on animals.

AAALAC International accreditation signifies Noble Life Sciences’ dedication to quality scientific research conducted with ethical practices toward laboratory animal welfare. By upholding these high standards, Noble reinforces its commitment to promoting the humane treatment of animals in science. “Our approach not only ensures that animal welfare is a top priority at Noble, but also promotes the importance of responsible and sustainable research practices across our industry,” said Shaw.

About AAALAC International

AAALAC International is a private, nonprofit organization that promotes humane treatment of animals in science through a voluntary international accreditation program. It is recognized globally as a symbol of high-quality animal care and use in research, testing, and teaching, while also advocating for animal welfare. Accreditation by AAALAC International demonstrates an institution’s commitment to maintaining exceptional standards and improving animal welfare.

More information about AAALAC International and the benefits of its accreditation can be found at

About Noble Life Sciences

Noble Life Sciences is a global, preclinical contract research organization dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge and discovery. With a strong emphasis on ethical practices and the welfare of laboratory animals, Noble conducts cutting-edge research for the biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, and pharmaceutical industries.

Noble’s highly trained professionals, veterinarians, scientists, and support staff, collaborate on groundbreaking studies aimed at advancing innovative therapeutic and medical device technologies.

With 24,00 square feet of state-of-the-art facilities, located in Maryland, Noble can provide a conducive environment for innovative research. Its exceptional laboratory animal care and use program ensures the well-being and ethical treatment of the animals involved in its studies.

For more information about Noble Life Sciences, please visit our website at

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Associate Director of Operations, Noble Life Sciences
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