Non-GLP Toxicology Studies

Accelerating Early-stage Drug Development with Cost-effective Flexibility and Rapid Insights

Noble Life Sciences is a leading contract research organization (CRO) specializing in toxicology studies for the biotech, pharmaceutical, and biopharmaceutical industries. With our state-of-the-art facilities and highly skilled team of scientists, we provide comprehensive non-GLP toxicology services tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs.

Value of Non-GLP Studies

Non-GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) studies offer valuable insights and benefits in the early stages of drug development. While GLP studies are required for regulatory submissions, non-GLP studies serve as a cost-effective and flexible approach for initial evaluations, allowing for quicker decision-making and optimization of resources. The key value of non-GLP studies includes:

  • Exploratory Research: Non-GLP studies provide a platform to explore a wide range of doses, formulations, and exposure durations, enabling researchers to gather preliminary data and make informed decisions about further development.
  • Rapid Screening: Non-GLP studies offer the advantage of faster turnaround times, making them suitable for screening multiple compounds or evaluating early-stage candidates.
  • Customization and Flexibility: Non-GLP studies allow for customized study designs, including specialized assessments and modifications, based on the unique requirements of the compound being tested.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Non-GLP studies are typically more cost-effective than GLP studies, making them an attractive option for companies operating within budget constraints during the early stages of drug development.
  • Decision-Making: Non-GLP studies provide critical data and insights that contribute to informed decision-making regarding the further progression of compounds in the development pipeline.

Our Capabilities

  • Dose Ranging Studies: Our experienced team designs and executes dose ranging studies to determine the appropriate dosage levels for subsequent toxicity evaluations.
  • Acute Toxicity Studies: We conduct acute toxicity studies to assess the adverse effects of single or short-term exposure to test compounds.
  • Repeated Dose Studies: Our facility is equipped to perform repeated dose studies, evaluating the effects of prolonged exposure to test substances over various timeframes.
  • Subchronic and Chronic Studies: We offer subchronic and chronic toxicity studies to assess the long-term effects of repeated exposure, helping our clients evaluate the safety profile of their compounds.
  • Genotoxicity Studies: Our experts conduct genotoxicity assessments to evaluate the potential of test compounds to cause genetic damage or mutations.
  • Carcinogenicity Studies: We perform carcinogenicity studies to determine the potential of test substances to induce the development of cancerous tumors.

Founded by accomplished industry scientists

Noble offers everything needed to run a successful preclinical study:

24,000 square feet fully-equipped facility

AAALAC accredited small and large animal facility

Full continuum of GLP and non-GLP services

Spectrum of in vitro and in vivo services

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Non-GLP Toxicology Studies

What is the difference between GLP and non-GLP studies?

GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) studies are conducted according to a set of regulatory guidelines and are required for data submission to regulatory authorities. They involve strict quality control measures and detailed documentation. Non-GLP studies, on the other hand, are exploratory in nature and serve as an early evaluation tool. They are more flexible, cost-effective, and offer faster results but do not adhere to the rigorous regulatory standards of GLP studies.
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What is a non-GLP study?

A non-GLP study refers to a toxicology study that is not conducted according to the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) guidelines. These studies are typically performed in the early stages of drug development for exploratory purposes and to gather preliminary data. Non-GLP studies offer more flexibility and cost-effectiveness compared to GLP studies, but the data generated may not be suitable for regulatory submissions.

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