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Noble Life Sciences Now Offers Live Animal Imaging for Preclinical Stu PerkinElmer IVIS Lumina LT III

Gain simultaneous insights into the efficacy, kinetics, target, and mechanism of action of your drug candidate non-invasively. The IVIS is particularly suited for preclinical development of drugs to treat cancer and infectious disease.


  • Monitor and quantitate tumor growth and treatment longitudinally.
  • See how tumors respond to treatment in animal models from molecular, functional, and anatomical perspectives.

Infectious Disease

  • Monitor acute and chronic infection and therapeutic treatment in animal¬†models.
  • Measure infection and host response simultaneously.

About the IVIS Lumina LT II

The IVIS Lumina LT III is designed for in vivo imaging with both fluorescent and bioluminescent reporters that emit from green to near-infrared.
The field of view allows the imaging of up to five mice or two medium-size rats.
Animal handling features include a heated stage, gas anesthesia and ECG monitoring connections.

Additional Imaging Capabilities

  • Fluoroscopy imaging system (C-arm) for minimally-invasive surgeries and procedures
  • Radiography
  • Ultrasound

About Noble Life Sciences

Noble Life Sciences is a preclinical contract research organization offering GLP and non-GLP services for the development of drugs, vaccines, and medical devices.
From proof-of-concept studies to pre-clinical safety and efficacy studies, Noble Life Sciences has a wide range of services to meet your needs.
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